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Exclude VSC(smvi) Snapshots from Snapmirror

Hi Guys,

System model: FAS2040

ONATP 8.1.2P4 7-mode

I am using VSC (smvi) to snapshot my VMs every night.

I have also got Snapmirror running for this volume to replicate the data at DR site to use VMware Site Recovery Manager.

This Snapmirror also replicating the snapshots taken by SMVI to DR site. I am not sure it is the default settings by Netapp or settings done by previous tech guy.

As we got large number of VMs, The SMVI backups creating around 200GB snapshots every night, and replicating these big snapshots to DR site consuming lot of bandwidth and this causing effect on other services which use our bandwidth.

I am not sure how the system should work, so I need your opinions and recommendations on it.

I believe the Snapmirror replicates live data of the volume and if any disaster occurs we can use the DR site filer volume to use the VMware SRM to bring the servers up.


Do we really require to Snapmirror the Snapshots taken by SMVI to DR site

If we don't replicate the snapshots to DR site, will there be any impact on VMware SRM

What exactly Netapp recommends on this

what is the procedure to exclude Snapshots taken by SMVI from Snapmirrors

Your help will be much appreciated

Thank you

Re: Exclude VSC(smvi) Snapshots from Snapmirror

I'd like to know too! We just purchased our second NetApp and plan to deploy the same configuration. Chandra, what is your current bandwidth between sites?

Re: Exclude VSC(smvi) Snapshots from Snapmirror

I had lot of research and raised couple of support tickets for this option (Netaap support guy two weeks, I have that guy, he don't even understand how it works) but any way ...

the answer is: there is no option to exclude the VSC(smvi) snapshots from snapmirroring to DR site. because the snapmirror occurs on block level, it won't understand what are snapshots.