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FAS 2040 running 8.0.2


Today I just finished the installation of FAS 2040 running
Data ONTAP 8.0.2, 7-Mode.But whenever I reboot the system it is going to the
loader prompt and I need type “autoboot” system to come up. So I need to know
this is the normal behavior of Data ONTAP Release 8.0.2?



Re: FAS 2040 running 8.0.2

There have been other posts about this and looks like a factory issue where AUTOBOOT was not set.  If you run "printenv AUTOBOOT" is likely is set to false.  You can "setenv AUTOBOOT true" , saveenv the boot_ontap... or even better just run "set-defaults" then "boot_ontap" and the default correct settings will be set.  Then reboot and test.

Re: FAS 2040 running 8.0.2

Hi Scott,


Thanks for you GREAT support