FAS 2240-2 HA How? Missing Files

I have inherited an FAS 2240-2 double controller with no external storage.  It is running 8.1.2 7-mode.  As configured the two controllers are "seperate" from one another.  I want to set it up as multipath HA.   I have cabled it up per NA pdf guidance.   In a seperate NA publication to add "a second controller to creat and HA pair" it states:


Copy the following files from the existing controller module's /etc/boot and etc/software directories ......    I don't have either the boot nor software directories under /etc (or anywhere else) !!!


Am I missing something?        I was going to setup a netboot and reload my controller but I don't have access to 8.1.2.    Data loss is not important as there is currently no data there.


Could I have selected a clean install and selected other options that would have provided the desired multipath HA that I desire?


Thanks for any help.

Re: FAS 2240-2 HA How? Missing Files

This is the first time ever I hear about copying something. You need cluster license on both controllers; once license is installed, just issue "cf enable" and reboot.

Re: FAS 2240-2 HA How? Missing Files

I found the instructions here:   Perhaps I am mis-interpreting.   I will verify I have cluster licensing installed and try your commands.   Thanks

Re: FAS 2240-2 HA How? Missing Files

Oh, it simply suggests one possible method to configure NetBoot. As you already have two controllers running the same (I assume) version, you do not really need it.