FAS 2240-4 or DataDomain 670 as backup target

Looking for some input.

We use Netapp FAS systems as out primary SAN/NAS stotage.  We are currently using DD660 as our backup targets for TSM and Veeam.  These units are running our of space and reaching end of life.

We are looking at using FAS2240-4 , Single controller or DD670s as new targets.  FAS would employee dudupe and compression

We have been happy with our DD units but we would like to standardize.

Is anyone using FAS systems as backup targets? If so how do you like them in this role?



Re: FAS 2240-4 or DataDomain 670 as backup target

Hi David,

Yep use them, have a couple of deployments in conjunction with Syncsort and their DPX software (or Syncsort NSB when put together with the NetApp back end)

So use exactly that config a 2240 single controller, then take advantage of dedupe and compression to deliver the storage efficiency solution you are used to in the production environment.

It works a treat in those environments and with Syncsort, delivers a really nice single backup solution (so removes TSM and Veeam for example).

You other option is to use SnapVault In that environment, so a full on NetApp only solution to deliver both primary storage and long term backup and archive as necessary.

Hope that helps.