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FAS 2554 SP Update to 2.8P1 fails


fas2500-01 SP online true 2.7 
fas2500-02 SP online true 2.7 


SP 2500-02> sp update http://webserver/temp/SP_FW.tar.gz

NOTE: In most cases, ONTAP will automatically update the SP firmware with a
compatible firmware version in the background and no action is required from

Manually installing the SP firmware using this command may result in
incompatible combinations of ONTAP and SP firmware.

Use of this command is not recommended.

Do you wish to continue? (y/n): y
Downloading package...
Uncompressing package...(md5sum=9eb8c65dbc22f31dbbac2d4bb570f378)
Unarchiving package...grep: /tmp/fud_eth/RLM_FW/install/Metadata: No such file or directory
grep: /tmp/fud_eth/RLM_FW/install/Metadata: No such file or directory

FW package install failed, the new version is not compatible with this platform.....FAILED
Cleaning up...
ERROR : SP FW Update Unsuccessful.


Im pretty sure i have the right file from the Netapp site, and it should be compatible according to the matrix. What else can i do ?

Running 9.4P4


Re: FAS 2554 SP Update to 2.8P1 fails

please try


set advanced


system node image get -package http://<server>/


system service-processor image update -node <NODE> -update-type network-full -package


It works for me....Give him a push!


Re: FAS 2554 SP Update to 2.8P1 fails

fas2500::*> system node image get -package http://webserver/temp/SP_FW.tar.gz

Software get http://.../SP_FW.tar.gz started on node fas2500-01
Downloading package. This may take up to 10 minutes.
Download complete.
Software get http://.../SP_FW.tar.gz completed on node fas2500-01.


fas2500::*> system service-processor image update -node fas2500-01 -package SP_FW.tar.gz

Note: Firmware update will need to reboot the SP on completion. If your console connection is through the SP, it will be disconnected
Do you want to proceed with the firmware update ? {y|n}: y

Error: command failed: Unable to schedule Service Processor update.



Re: FAS 2554 SP Update to 2.8P1 fails

After finding out on reddit Netapp:


Switching for Firefox from Chrome to Download the package, worked for me. Since then its installing. Strange but okay. 

Happy updating Smiley Happy