FAS2020 Install

Hello All,

I recently purchased a FAS2020 with 450 GB disk.  The system is currently setup in an Active/Active Cluster with 7 disk (1 spare) on Controller 1 and 3 disk (1 spare) on Controller 2.  Now originally I had planned to have 2 TB of space for e-mail storage, however it seems as though I was wrong.  Controller 1 has a total of 1.7 TB and Controller 2 has a total of 349 GB.

The systems volumes are currently setup as displayed below:

Controller 1:

Aggr0 (1.7 TB) [52% used]

    vol0 (Capacity: 50 GB Total Size: 62.5 GB) Root

   VFMS_1 (Capacity: 387 GB Total Size: 430 GB) VM Boot Drives

   VFMS_2  (Capacity: 369 GB Total Size: 410 GB) VM Data Drives

Controller 2:

Aggr0 (349 GB) [100% used]

   vol0 (Capacity: 50 GB  Total Size: 62.5 GB) Root

   CIFS_1 (Capacity: 36 GB Total Size: 45 GB) CIFS Shares

   VFMS_3 ( Capacity: 200 GB  Total Size: 235 GB) VM Boot Drives

On Controller 1 I have 835GB of free space for future expansion of my VM Data Drives.

So my question is, why does Controller 2 receive only 349 GB of useable space?  The 450 GB drives have a formatted capacity of 410 GB, so I would have assumed I would get at least that much.  It seems like an awful waste of 4 drives to get only 349 GB for use.

Is my system setup correctly?

Thanks in advance.


Re: FAS2020 Install


Are you using RAID-DP on the secondary controller?

Then you "loose" two disk for parity and double parity, so practically you are just haveing one datadisk.

You got 5% Snapreserve on the aggregate.

Then you probably have 20% snapshot reserve per volume.

If you go for raid 4 you get one more disk, but you loose some protection.