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FAS2020 Support DOT 8.1.1?

Dear NetApp Gurus,

Would you please advice whether old FAS2020 will support Data On Tap 8.1.1?



Re: FAS2020 Support DOT 8.1.1?

Hey Henry,

Data ONTAP 7.3.7 is the last supported release for the FAS2020.

I would take a look at the FAS2220 or 2240 if you want to leverage the features in 8.1.1

Since it can't really be used for replication, the best fit for a 2020 is a remote office or CIFs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Re: FAS2020 Support DOT 8.1.1?

I'd keep it around for QSM replication if you didn't need it elsewhere.