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FAS2020 default gateway

Hi all

I’ve a strange problem with the default gateway entry of a FAS2020. It is likely, that I’m doing some essential things wrong. The problem is, that the default gateway entry is lost with every reboot of the storage.

Adding a gateway is easy:
# route add 1

How is it made persistent?

Thanks for your help.


FAS2020 default gateway

update /etc/rc

Please post its content if you would like to have it verified.

Re: FAS2020 default gateway

Can I just add the route add command to the file? The current content of the file is:

rdfile /etc/rc

#Regenerated by registry Fri Jul 08 18:33:53 GMT+02:00 2011

#Auto-generated by Setup Wizard Thu Mar 03 14:12:27 GMT 2011

vif create multi vif01 -b ip e0a e0b

ifconfig vif01 `hostname`-vif01 netmask

ifconfig e0a `hostname`-e0a netmask mtusize 1500 trusted wins mediatype 1000t-fd-cfg_down flowcontrol full up

ifconfig vif01 alias x.x.x.x netmask

<lot of these for each vFIler>


options dns.enable on

options nis.enable off

Command: wrfile -a /etc/rc route add 1


Re: FAS2020 default gateway

The route is normally added right after the ifconfig commands like so:

ifconfig blah blah blah blah

ifconfig blah blah blah blah

route add default 1

route add host/net 1

routed on


etc etc

rdfile /etc/rc

Copy contents into text editor and edit to include the extra commands. Select all contents and copy

wrfile /etc/rc


Hit enter twice followed by ctrl/c and you should see "read: error reading standard input: Interrupted system call"

Confirm with rdfile /etc/rc

Re: FAS2020 default gateway

Thanks andrc, it worked. Unfortunately I can't reboote the storage but I hope it will work.

Re: FAS2020 default gateway

If it works when you run it manually then it should work in /etc/rc during boot