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FAS2040 initial setup

Hello All,

I've received and racked my new dual controller FAS2040 with DS4243 shelf. I've booted up connected to the console port, and through reading several sites/documents I expected a wizard setup process to start. It did not. Someone else said to run "setup". That is not a valid command. I'm sitting at a prompt: "Loader-A>". I just need a boost in right direction, and NetApp support has been ....slow. I'd greatly appreciate any brief assistance you all could throw in.


Re: FAS2040 initial setup

Hello Matt,

Normally he command "system console" will get you on the DataONTAP OS prompt from the console or management interface if the NetApp has been properly configured at the factory.

It looks like your netapp might not booting properly.

Do you have internal disks in the FAS2040 2U controler ? It might be that the NetApp doesn't see its disks.

Re: FAS2040 initial setup

Thanks for the quick response, Mathieu. Yes, there are internal disks (12x600GB) in the 2040. I also just downloaded (since it didn't come on CD like the documentation said it would) the System Manager. It ran a scan on the subnet and found nothing. I know the bmc devices have pulled DHCP addresses, because I can ping them. Still stuck though...

Re: FAS2040 initial setup

You are in bootloader. To boot DataONTAP use “boot_ontap” command.

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Andrey is right. If boot_ontap works then autoboot isn't set and set-defaults and bye is the easy fix or setenv manually. If boot_ontap doesn't work then ontap isn't installed or disks aren't assigned or something.

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Gentlemen! Thank you. Ontap 8.1RC3 is now booting. Just wasn't set to autoboot. Thanks so much for the fast response.

Re: FAS2040 initial setup

In LOADER prompt set the AUTOBOOT to true and then execute boot_ontap .

LOADER-B> setenv AUTOBOOT true

LOADER-B> boot_ontap