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FAS2240 Cluster Mode

We just purchased a FAS2240 and I have a question about Cluster mode. Can cluster mode be used to logically group both controllers within a  single FAS2240 as one unit? I currently run 7-mode on our filers so I manage/treat each controller within a filer as a separate unit. It would be nice if we could group two controllers together to scale performance and reduce wasted disk space by creating a root aggr for each controller.


Re: FAS2240 Cluster Mode

Yes, Clustered ONTAP gives you the logical namespace for grouping all NetApp controllers under 1 namespace (vserver). You may wish to create more Vservers or be content with only 1 Vserver. ( depending upon the requirement).

I would suggest you speak to your NetApp contact person / partner whom you are in touch with and they will provide more info in it.

You have to perform the data migration if you want to move to Clustered ONTAP from 7-mode.

Hope it helps!

Re: FAS2240 Cluster Mode

What about physical disk/aggr management? Do you still assign disks to specific controllers? Basically, I'm trying to figure out if going with cluster mode will provide more performance (two controllers as one) and or reduce disk waste by NOT having dedicated root aggregates and spares per controller (like I do now in 7 mode).

Re: FAS2240 Cluster Mode

Well from the best practice point of view it is always recommended to have a separate dedicated root aggregate.

In Clustered Mode we still have that best practice.

However, how it works it that we assign disks at controller level and create their aggregate. But the Data access will not be to the controller but rather at Vserver layer. ( which will take both the controllers both in terms of disks as well as the CPU/Memory or rather every possible hardware component).

I hope it helps!

Re: FAS2240 Cluster Mode

As I now Cluster Mode for a 2240 with only the 24 internal disks is a big problem. Because you not saving disks, no you waste even more disks for root aggr.

Each node has a vol0 root volume similar to the 7mode, in addition, each Vserver needs a root volume.