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FAS2554 root data partition configuration

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Is it possible to configure a cluster with root data partition, where all data partitions belong to one aggregate but the root partitions are split between the  two root aggregates?

Example: FAS2554 with 20 disks, 10 root partitions for root_aggr_01, 10 root partitions for root_aggr_02, 20 data partitions for data_aggr_01.


Assuming this is possible, what would be the best way to achieve this, starting with the typical root data partition configuration:

-10 root partitions for root_aggr_01 + 10 data partitions for  data_aggr_01.

-10 root partitions for root_aggr_02 + 10 data partitions for data_aggr_02.


Can I delete the "data_aggr_02" and the add these data partitions to  "data_aggr_01" ?


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Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration

Yep.   You need to remove the owner of the data part of the partition and the assign it to the partner.   


set adv 

disk removeowner -disk x.x.x -data true
disk assign -disk x.x.x -data true -owner NODEx
disk show -fields data-owner, root-owner

Re: FAS2554 root data partition configuration

Make sure you reallocate after you do so, otherwise you might experience less performance (depending on # of disks added).

I usually recommend to customers to do a "reallocation start -f true -p true -path /vol/volumename" and do one volume in the aggregate at a time. Usually that is enough to balance it out. Start from your busiest volume that may be the smallest and work your way to more idle volumes.