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FAS3020 Comparable Replacement Path

I understand that the FAS3020 is going End-Of-Support in the 2014 timeframe.  I'm trying to plan ahead.  I have 10 of these (5 paired clusters).  We have fully populated DS14MK4 shelf units.

I want to replace the FAS3020 with a product that will have support from 3 to 5 years after the FAS3020 goes EOS and supports, or integrates with the existing DS14MK4 disk shelves (I'm lazy and I don't even want to think about moving the data around when I replace the heads).

Any support would be appreciated.  I do have some messages in to the NetApp folks and I'm trying to get a response there too.

Thanks - thoserickson1

Re: FAS3020 Comparable Replacement Path

A FAS2040 will handle the 3020 workload, but since it has been around a while and doesn't have PCI slots for expansion, I would go with a 3210 if you are going for 1 for 1 replacement.  Your NetApp team could go over performance numbers which are higher on the 3210 than the 3020 and it is new and also supports ONTAP 8.

Instead of a 1 for 1 replacement, you might want to consolidate shelves to less controllers... maybe 2 clusters instead of 5.  FAS3240 or FAS3270 should easily consolidate down to 2 clusters from your 5.   Your NetApp team can run sizing (perfstat) and see what you are utiliziing on your 3020s.  The new 3200 come with MultiStore at no charge, so you could still keep each of the 10 controllers host names if you migrate to vFilers (assuming no FCP - works for iscis, nfs and cifs only)... some training if you are not used to using the CLI but worth looking at.

Also, make sure the drives in your DS14s are not on the End of Support List yet... your mk4 and esh4 are under support but sometimes some of the disks are EOS, although if newer mk4 they likely are fine but worth checking.

Re: FAS3020 Comparable Replacement Path


Thanks a lot.  I think you gave me a couple of really good options.  A couple of things, I have to stay with the 5 clusters because they are both geographically and logically separate.  And I probably should have noted that I'm using the units for both NAS and SAN.  NAS is both NFS and CIFS.  The shelves are brand new so I think the disks will have the support I need on the out years.

So that boils it down to either the 3210 for a one to one replacement or, if I want to upgrade for some reason such as if I have expanded storage or performance requirements, the 3240.

This was a huge help.  You don't happen to know a ballpark price for a 3210 with the Foundation and Protection Software Packs do you?

Thanks again - Tom

Re: FAS3020 Comparable Replacement Path

Best to get pricing from NetApp or your reseller but prices on the 3200 are coming in less than 3100 with all the nice bundles.. MultiStore, 1 free protocol, Operations Manager are all included now.. Then the complete bundle gives everything.

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Re: FAS3020 Comparable Replacement Path

That pretty much aligns with what I've been able to find out form our representative who's tied up in all day meetings today.  So I feel pretty good about ball parking a price for a customer.

Thanks again - as a newbie to these forums, I certainly do appreciate the quick response.  Have a gr8 day!