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FAS3200 Expansion Ports - Recommendations

My systems have:

1 x FlashCache

2 x Quad SAS

2 x 10GbE

1.  Which slots should I be using for each of these cards?

2.  Does the FAS3200AE have any two slots with a SPF (on the same chip, like onboard 0a/ob on the FAS3000)



Re: FAS3200 Expansion Ports - Recommendations

Check the latest sysconfig guides for slot position.  The guide lists supported slots and which slot to use in order.

Re: FAS3200 Expansion Ports - Recommendations

Yes, the system configuration guide is excellent.  I was hoping for further advice though.

1.  FlashCache and 10GbE modules both prefer slots 1/2.  Which cards should get preference?

2.  The SAS cards prefer slots 3/4/5/6.  I just want to confirm that 3 and 4 are the best slots for my 2 x SAS cards, and there is no resiliency benefit of "splitting them up" because the adjacent cards share a chip or something.

Re: FAS3200 Expansion Ports - Recommendations

From the factory I am seeing Flashcache in slot 1... so I would put flashcace in slot 1 and 10GbE in slot 2.  But per the guide you would be supported if you did the opposite.

For SAS, definitely 3 and 4.  The next slot listed to use in order availble is the best practice.  If you had quad gigabit nics, then you could alternate them with SAS since both have the same slot long as the cards populate in order of the next slot recommendation it is supported.

You can also run "sysconfig -c" which tells you if you are not in optimal slots.  It takes your sysconfig and parses against /etc/sysconfigtab which contains the slot recommendations.  If the output shows no errors found, you are supported.  You can also run 'sysconfig -ca" which parses again to give you the "x" part number which is easier than parts finder sometimes if you have an RMA.