FAS3240 10g onboard-ports

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are the 10g onboard-ports on an FAS3240 only usable for the Cluster-Interconnect, or ist it possible to use them for datatraffic (NFS/CIFS).

When do I have to use the Dual Port 8-Gb VI-MetroCluster (X1927A-R6) instead of the onboard ports?



Re: FAS3240 10g onboard-ports

Looking at the FAS32XX Installation and Setup instructions

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It seems that c0a and c0b are for cluster interconnect. I only see e0a and e0b (1g ether) for NAS traffic.

It also says that c0a and c0b could be copper or fiber. I'd guess that you do stretch MC with fibre connects,

I'd guess that with fibre for interconnect you could do stretch MC, but it's just a guess...

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Re: FAS3240 10g onboard-ports

The FAS32xx isn't advertised with onboard 10GbE for client connectivity. So those 2 ports (c0a, c0b) would be for the cluster interconnect only. Makes sense for this to no longer be infiniband as I imagine its easier for manufacturing, and the bandwidth is suitable.

Re: FAS3240 10g onboard-ports

Regarding the use of c0a/c0b in a Stretch MetroCluster: it would depend on the type of SFP+ and cable type, eg. with a MultiMode SFP (850nm) 10GbE is specified only for up to 300m, only with SingleMode we get further.

So the question is: what kind of SFP+ do we get? And why is the Quoter inserting an additional 8G FC-VI when you tick the option "Stretch MetroCluster"?