FAS3240 Command Line Diagnostics

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Hope your well. Working with our FAS 3240, we unfortunately have periods of high disk utilization. This can often mean we cannot observe the statistics through DataFabric Manager. Wanted to ask if there was a suitable method to observe statistics from the Command Line Interface. Aware of the "sysstat -m 1", however I was hoping to obtain information along the lines of, which of the Volumes/Luns has the highest amounts of read/write Ops.


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Re: FAS3240 Command Line Diagnostics

There are multiple ways to handle this... 


My advice would be to run a 3x5 perfstat during the times of high utilization and open a support case with netapp to have them help read the perfstat.


The other ways you can do this is  


priv set diag mode and run statit -b    - wait 30 seconds, run statit -e

This will give you a lot of information.  Especially some of the aggregates and what the disks are doing...   


Plus, you can play with the stats command, but you need to know what you are looking for..