FAS6210 with DS4243 and DS2246 drawers


I am configuring a FAS6210 with both DS4243 drawers (for SATA) and DS2246 drawers (for SAS).  The DS4243 runs at 3 Gbps and the DS2246 runs at 6 Gbps.

Each drawer must reside on it's own stack with Data OnTap 8.1.  If I plug each stack into the same X2067-R6 3/6 Gbps SAS adpater, will each stack run at it's optimal speed, or will the 6 Gbps SAS connection be dropped to 3 Gbps speed?



FAS6210 with DS4243 and DS2246 drawers

DS4243 and DS2246 shelf can't be mixed in one stack so you have to separate them out in order to have your system under support even if stacking them together works and as long as both the shelf types are in different stack you don't have to worry which port they are connected to as each port does negotiates the speed independent of other port.

In short, feel free to connect these shelves on one card but don't mix them in one stack.