FC - Sync Snapmirror - switch support


I'm having little luck going through the official channels for this and could do with a hand.

I have a customer planning to run Sync Snapmirror using dedicated FC cards using IBM SAN40's (Brocade 5100s). Although I can find supported levels of code for this switch, I can find no docunmentation about supported modes.

The SAN40's will be core - but also connecting to McData switches on the edge. As such, they will be placed in to interop mode. Synchronous Snapmirror operations will only ever operate through the SAN40's - but is it supported in interoperability mode?

Any info appreciated.


Re: FC - Sync Snapmirror - switch support


Is the dedicated card you mention the same as Qlogic FC-VI card? Also, what interop mode are the Brocade switches in? Output from the 'interopmode' from the Brocade switches would help. Thanks