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Fabric MetroCluster Disk upgrade

Hi to all ;

     One of our customers have a fas3140 fabric metro cluster soulution.They do own 4 ds14mk disk shelves  at the moment.And soon we will add  2 new disk shelves to this enviroment.

I have not find a document about this upgrade senario .Can someone show me the correct way of doing this upgrade.

Thanks a lot

Re: Fabric MetroCluster Disk upgrade

Well, you just plug in your shelves into switch ports and the assign disks as usual. If ports are not yet configured, you have to do it as described in MetroCluster installation guide or switches configuration guide. I prefer to configure all ports initially, when setting up MetroCluster, this is also recommended in MetroCluster TR.

I do not think you will find step by step guide specifically for this task.

Re: Fabric MetroCluster Disk upgrade

Hi ;

Firstly thanks a lot for the answer. But according to our current cabling ;  i think i have to just plug  additional 1 shelf to the other shelf on side A ;and do the same on the B side.

The below  image is the cabling for the shelf and brocade sw for the A side only.So my thought is just plug the SFP`s   for the new disk shelf to the A and B ports of the upper disk shelf.I think i can do this in both sides witout any downtime.And then assign the disks to the  controller we wish .It seem simple but i want to be sure of it .

Thans a lot.

Re: Fabric MetroCluster Disk upgrade

FMC supports max of 2 (two) shelves in a stack; so if you add more shelves they have to go in different stack (or loop as it was called before).

According to your picture you must cable shelves directly to switch, not as extension to existing shelves. At least, to remain supported.

Re: Fabric MetroCluster Disk upgrade

Hi again ;

Sorry for the late response ;i was trying to be sure of what you had spoken about.I found best practice document Which is TR-3517  tells as follows

Additional cables for controllers and disk shelves

In a standard active-active configuration, there can be many shelves connected in a physical disk loop. In a

fabric MetroCluster configuration there is a limit of two physical disk shelves per loop so accommodation might

have to be made for additional loops and additional Fibre Channel switch ports (1 loop [2 shelves] per port).

Anyway thanks alot for correcting me to the right way.