Fas storage reconfiguration into MetroCluster

Hi folks,

TR-3517 describes an upgrade path to a MetroCluster.

However it does this with an existing Act-Act environment to start off with.

But in a case I am working on, there are two geographically seperated locations and two individually active Fas3020 environments.

Is there  any document describing the upgrade to MetroCluster based on such a scenario?

Can anybody indicate wath additional components are required and in what quantaties?

So I know there needs to be the same hardware on both sides etc. But what about licences?

Also, what is the best way to add the required info into PartnerEdge?  Do I just add part-by-part, or is there a better way to do this?

Please advise.


Re: Fas storage reconfiguration into MetroCluster the very least you'll need (2) VI-MC cards (one per controller), licenses for SyncMirror and Cluster Remote, and a bunch of FC switches.

Given the amount of stuff you'll need to buy, I'd recommend pulling your local partner/engineer/NetApp resource into the picture -- they can probably get you precise answers more quickly than the Communities to be honest.