Filer uses the 3 x 1G link aggregation?

Dear NetApp Gurus,

Would you please share your expertise on  how the NetApp filer uses the 3 x 1G link aggregation.  My production traffic was impacted yesterday when replication was enabled and working.

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you soon.


Re: Filer uses the 3 x 1G link aggregation?


     Can you explain your setup in a bit of detail please?  There are a few combinations of how you could have configured this.

Assuming you use a multimode VIF, that is a throughput build, so you have a three lane highway to send traffic.

If you were using single mode, (don't know if you can do this with an odd number of ports), this is a failover configuration, one active at a time.

Joining multimode from single modes, you bundle two ports for throughput and put one for failover...this needs planning as now you have half the original bandwidth.

  • As for your replication traffic, you can force it out a specific interface(if that is what you expected to happen) via a few methods.  We don't have many filers, so we specify the name we use in the snapmirror.conf in the /etc/hosts file.
  • You can use "options replication" to see what you can set for transfer rates.  BE VERY CAREFUL here...NetApp specifies kbs, when in reality it is KBs, an 8x difference in speed.
  • You can dedicate a port solely to replication
  • Lastly make sure you are not using e0m for any replications, this is the 10/100 port( and under 7.3.2 at least) it would fill the network buffer and slow down all traffic on the filer. Even if they were on 1Gb interfaces.

- Scott

Re: Filer uses the 3 x 1G link aggregation?

Salute to Scott:>)