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Filer view java err

hi - can anyone assist me as i'm unable to open filer over page from the IE, not sure i could see attached jpg err page.


Filer view java err

To resolve this issue connect to the filer via ssh or a serial cable and type the following,

secureadmin setup ssl



Filer view java err

but i see already ssl is active on the filer.

>  secureadmin status

ssh2    - active

ssh1    - inactive

ssl     - active

Filer view java err

I believe the solution to this would be a fix in the Java Control Panel. When you open the page, you should see the Java icon pop up in the taskbar. Right click on it and select Control panel. Once you are in the Java Control Panel, select Advanced -> Security -> General and uncheck TLS 1.0.

Filer view java err

Was this system recently upgraded from an older model (i.e., from a FAS3020 or FAS3050)?   When systems are upgraded to a controller with a different CPU type or manufacturer (Intel to AMD), the binary compatible of Data ONTAP has to be installed as well.  Even if the version of ONTAP doesn't change, ONTAP needs to be reinstalled because many of the JAVA and HTML pages installed to the root volume are coded/compiled for either the previous controller's CPU type.   If the console is constantly spitting out messages about missing files in /etc, that's a good indication this is the problem.

Good news is, Data ONTAP 8 is CPU agnostic so this shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Re: Filer view java err

Disable the SSL(httpd.admin.ssl.enable off) in the filer and try,but it is risky with security.

If it works then try to configure SSL properly with below.

secureadmin setup ssl

Country Name (2 letter code) [US]:

State or Province Name (full name) [California]:

Locality Name (city, town, etc.) [Santa Clara]: 

Organization Name (company) [Your Company]:

Organization Unit Name (division): 

Common Name (fully qualified domain name) :

Administrator email: 

Days until expires [5475] : 5475

Key length (bits) [512] : 512


Re: Filer view java err

This will fix it for sure. I just tested on firefox and it works. Please follow this KB.

Hope it helps.


Re: Filer view java err

Hi Ravi,

The original question is from July of 2011 so they probably have a solution by now.

Re: Filer view java err

oops...i didn't see the date. But interestingly I had the same issue just before posting the solution here, I followed this KB article and fixed it. I just thought it will be helpful if I post the solution here.


Re: Filer view java err

Thanks welshman, this is still valid and it helped me out today !

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