Find SnapShot reserve space usage????

Hello everyone, I just recently purchased our first NetApp and I am just getting familiar with both the FilerView and command line. One thing that I am looking for is to find out how much space I am using in my snapshot reserve space. I know I can go to the Snapshots for a Volume and sort by size in Filerview, but then I have to add them all up to figure out how much in total is being used.

I wanted to know if there was an easy command line switch or something I'm missing in Filerview?? I am currently trying to figure out how many snapshots I can keep online, after deduping the volume.

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Re: Find SnapShot reserve space usage????

Take a look at the commands "snap reclaimable" and "snap delta". Snap delta will show you the rate of change between snapshots, and snap reclaimable will show you how much you'd get back if you deleted a snapshot, or snapshots... which you could also read as how much space you're taking up.

-Nick Bernstein

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