Find number of volume in aggregate



I have to find how many volumes present in aggr1 and how may volumes names that contains finace_vol in aggr1. Please help. I am using clusterr mode

Re: Find number of volume in aggregate

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if you use clustered ontap here is what you can use.. 

if you just need the number.. 



::> aggr show
Aggregate     Size Available Used% State   #Vols  Nodes            RAID Status
--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------
testaggr    1.45TB    1.45TB    0% online       0 node-01          raid4,
           29.10TB    8.94TB   69% online      50 node-01          raid_dp,
           367.4GB   116.0GB   68% online       1 node-01          raid4,
            4.30TB    1.24TB   71% online      55 node-02          raid_dp,
           367.4GB   116.0GB   68% online       1 node-02          raid4,
5 entries were displayed.


There you can see the "#vol" in each aggr.. thats represent the number of volumes contrain in that aggr.


if you like to see all the volume name in one spacific aggr.


::> vol show -aggregate node_01_aggr2_SAT

the above command should list all the volumes in that aggr.


And if you like to see all the volume starts with "finace_vol" in one specific aggr.


::> vol show -aggregate node_01_aggr2_SATA -volume finace_vol*

As you can see, these options accept wildcards.. so it should be fairly easy.


Another easy way i like to do, for reporting is.. If you go to autosupport and select your cluster, you will be able to download 

an excel sheet called "cluster components" which have your nodes, vserver, aggr, volumes, luns, lifs in seperate tabs.

and once you enable filtering in excel sheet.. you can filter them the way you want, simple and easy :-)


Hope this help