FlexClone - clone a clone? (MSSQL)

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I'm just experimenting with FlexClone and its integration with SMSQL. One of the things we will possibly need to do is to make a clone of a clone.

I'm trying it out, but the cloned database is greyed out as an option for cloning through the wizard.

Is this something that's supported? I haven't found any conclusive documentation to answer that.



Re: FlexClone - clone a clone? (MSSQL)

I don't think it's supported in SMSQL, but you can make clones of clones on the command line.

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Re: FlexClone - clone a clone? (MSSQL)

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately Snapdrive for Windows doesn't support snapshotting a Clone (even flex or lun).

So all other capabilities relying on snapshot operation (backup / restore / clone) are not possible.

With commands on the controller or with SnapDrive for Unix it is possible, so its "simply" a sd-win limitation.

One way to to clone from a clone is to split it out on controller side. After that the lun become snapshotable. However no more space efficient.



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Re: FlexClone - clone a clone? (MSSQL)

Re: FlexClone - clone a clone? (MSSQL)

Hi, welcome to the community

It can be done but it does not mean that it should be done.  You are fast heading for the dread, unable to delete snapshot busy,LUN error.  Once there things can really start to snowball and you just don't need that in your life.

1).  Tell the SQL people it can not be done - only one copy is possible.  (They will learn to manage)


2).  If they SQL people really need the copy of the copy, look at the LUN clone split command.  It will start eating up your free space.  (You may be able to do something with SIS to pull back the space if it is an issue)


3).  If you have a snapmirror site you could get creative but again do you need the extra work?

We use a mix of all 3 methods here but I always try and get them to take option 1.  ;-)

Hope it helps