Four FAS2050 controllers - variants of connections?

E.g. I have 4 FAS2050 controllers - how can I connect them?

Is it possible to make 4-nodes cluster? or maybe Can I make 2 pair of active-active cluster

and set up between pairs an active-passive cluster?

Re: Four FAS2050 controllers - variants of connections?


No 4 node cluster dosent exist, maybee in GX version, but not sure it's supported in FAS2050...

And you can do ACTIVE/PASSIV conf of tow active/active conf ...

But, the mean question is => Wath do you want to do with your FAS ?


Explain you needs, maybee we can find solutions ...

Re: Four FAS2050 controllers - variants of connections?

"Standard" NetApp OS (ONTAP 7G) supports clustering of two nodes only.

They both have to be active in that sense they need to be running & both need some disks associated with them. You have the choice though to either split the disk ownership more or less evenly between two nodes (true a/a) or assign only 3 disks to one node (to keep its root volume there) & all the rest to another node (effectively a/p setup).

ONTAP GX, which does multi-node clustering, doesn't support 2000 series boxes. I am not sure whether it is going to change with the introduction of ONTAP 8, which in essence will (sort of) merge GX & G versions of ONTAP.