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Fresh ONTAP 9.1 Installation

Hello everyone,


Please I need a step-by-step guide  for cluster/vserver setup, to LIF creation, LUN creation, LUN Mapping and iSCSI setup on my first ONTAP 9.1 installation


I will appreciate good responses.


Re: Fresh ONTAP 9.1 Installation

Here you go.


Create Vserver
::> vserver create -vserver CLSAN01 -rootvolume CLSAN01_root -aggregate aggr1_6T_SATA -ns-switch file -nm-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8 -snapshot-policy default

Limit the protocol on vserver
::> vserver modify -vserver CLSAN01 -allowed-protocols fcp,iscsi,ndmp

Setup the DNS for Vserver
::> dns create -vserver CLSAN01 -domains,

# Setup the LIF
::> network interface create -vserver CLSAN01 -lif CLSAN01_lif1 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node node-01 -home-port a0b-401 -address -netmask -status-admin up -firewall-policy data 
::> network interface create -vserver CLSAN01 -lif CLSAN01_lif2 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node node-02 -home-port a0b-401 -address -netmask -status-admin up -firewall-policy data

Setup the Routing for Vserver
::>network route create -vserver CLSAN01 -destination -gateway

Start the ISCSI service
::> iscsi status -vserver CLSAN01
There are no entries matching your query.

::> iscsi create -vserver CLSAN01 -target-alias CLSAN01 -status-admin up

::> iscsi status -vserver CLSAN01                                       

              Vserver: CLSAN01
Administrative Status: up

I dont think i have to say... you need to change the vserver, aggr, volume, Domain, & IP-Address to fit your environment.

All this are right there in the ontap 9.0 documentation "RTFM" :-)

Re: Fresh ONTAP 9.1 Installation

Thanks so much for this robust response.


Can you help me further with mapping the ISCSI LUN to the host and configuring NFS share