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Full Snapmirror Initialization


I have 2 volumes (source and destination) whose snapmiror relationship was broken. The source volume ran out of disk space and all snaphots were automatically deleted including the snappmirror relationship. It cannot be resynced as there is no common snaphot. The source volume is 1TB in size. I guess the only way to establish the relationship is to run snapmirror initialize. Do I have to restrict the destination volume (vol restrict filer:vol) before the initialize cmd?

Full Snapmirror Initialization

Yes. Init will fail if the target volume is online

Full Snapmirror Initialization

Thank you very much for the swift response but do I have to delete all the old snapshots from the destination volume, or will this be done automatically.

Re: Full Snapmirror Initialization

Automatically so no delete needed.

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Full Snapmirror Initialization

Thank you very much.