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Future of A-SIS de-dupe


This is a non-SAN specific question, yet fully applicable to SAN environment as well:

Can we expect (when?) aggregate-level de-duplication?

Current volume-level de-dupe is great anyway, yet taking this one step further would be nice!



Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

Great question. I'd like to take the question further, how about filer level dedup, cluster level dedup and beyond cluster with future releases?

Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

These are all good questions, and topics regularly being discussed inside NetApp these days.  Scalability of deduplication and continual performance improvements are of course both key objectives for our development team.  While we can't disclose specific roadmap items on an open forum like this community, NDA roadmap presentations are available to NetApp customers and prospects via your NetApp account team.


Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

Hey Larry,

It would be awesome if future versions of Dedupe worked at a more "Global" level like AGGR based.

Anthony Feigl

Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

I'd just like to add a strong (public) vote for aggregate level deduplication....will put NetApp even further ahead on the dedup playing field.

Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

+1 for aggr level dedupe

+1 for 8.0/8.1 to have dedupe integration with coral striping (volume striping)

Re: Future of A-SIS de-dupe

Since Coral got replaced in 8.0, that seems pretty unlikely!