Future of OSSV

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I'm curious to understand what the roadmap of OSSV is with regards to ONTAP 8.2 Cluster Mode.

I'm concerned about supporting a plugin we had developed a while ago that uses OSSV under the covers. This is a 'Snap Manager style' plugin for a Windows desktop based Geoscience application by Schlumberger called Petrel.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Future of OSSV


I am interessed by the ossv future too.

Does OSSV will be supported for Windows 2012 OS ?


Re: Future of OSSV


OSSV is not supporter by Clustered OnTap 8.2.

As I understand (to be confirmed), there is no roadmap for OSSV and it will be no longer supported.

Syncsort or SnapProtect will be probably the solution for backup Windows box or other third party storage.

Re: Future of OSSV

Yep that seems to be the case.

SnapVault is support in clustered OnTap8.2 and OSSV will be supported in 7 mode…

You may wish to confirm if snapprotect covers non netapp stored data in the way OSSV does.

Syncsort definitely does that, but is a very different solution and is really a backup solution that takes advantage of NetApp but doesn’t integrate with NetApp primary storage in the same way as the Snap software does.