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Future of SnapLock

I have customer who is using SnapLock, they just added a DR site and they are planning to replicate the SnapLock Volumes there.

Anyway since they got a couple new storage controllers they were looking to upgrade all their Storage Controller to 7.3, but for some reason SnapLock is not supported in this revision. When they asked support why they were told that SnapLock is being phased about and will be replaced by a new product, but that they did not know what the new product was.

I have not seen anything about this so I am looking to find the latest.

So now I have a VERY concerned customer over their SnapLock licenses and the future for the product going forward.

Can someone let me know where this product line is going?

if it really going to be replaced?

If so then with what?

And how will that affect my customers?




Re: Future of SnapLock


I can confirm for you that this is infact not true - Snaplock is not being phased out or replaced at all, and will continue to be supported in future versions of ONTAP.

Taking this a step further, I've contacted the folks responsible for SnapLock, and will be sure to correct and misconceptions about the supportability of this solution.

Look forward to a response on that, and I'll be sure to deliver the communique I get on it to you so you are not to miss it.

Thanks for your question Paul - worry not about the future - It's comfortable where Snaplock is at