Get Help Solving Backup Problems - Limited Time SnapVault / OSSV Offer

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Times are tough.  For many, budgets have been slashed and ‘do more with less’ isn’t just a goal – it’s a necessity.  But it can be difficult to achieve.  Business applications and virtual servers are still coming online and leaving these new systems out of the backup rotation isn’t an option.

At NetApp we understand these challenges and want to help you continue to deliver a data protection strategy that does not compromise.  If you’re using NetApp storage and haven’t used our backup software, SnapVault or Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV) for heterogeneous storage, you can get them for free for a limited time.

SnapVault and OSSV help you protect systems at a lower overall cost by improving performance and reducing storage requirements so that you can do more with less – faster.  And with free software licenses you’ll be able to protect applications and virtual servers at an even lower cost.

To find out more contact your local NetApp representative about the SV / OSSV promotion or call us at 877 263 8277. 

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Re: Get Help Solving Backup Problems - Limited Time SnapVault / OSSV Offer

For those of you out there wanting a little extra detail on SnapVault and Open Systems SnapVault, let me give you some background:

SnapVault is backup software, integrated into the NetApp array, which creates a snapshot copy of your data on a secondary NetApp system for backup and recovery.  SnapVault works by transferring changed blocks – not changed files – so you reduce the amount of data that needs to be moved and stored. 

Open Systems SnapVault provides similar functionality, creates snapshot based backups of data transferring only changed blocks, but runs on top of servers with 3rd party storage.

There are several reasons why customers choose to implement SnapVault and OSSV rather than a traditional backup application, these include:

1. Need faster backup and recovery.  Customers have been able to reduce backup and recovery times from hours to minutes – even across the WAN.

2. Need to reduce storage costs.  Since only changed blocks are stored on the secondary system, backups take less space.  Deduplication can also be used for long term capacity savings as redundant data is identified and removed.

3.  Need to reduce network overhead.  Remote offices often do not have a lot of bandwidth available for transferring data back to corporate.  Adding backup overhead can overload the infrastructure or require very expensive infrastructure upgrades.  SnapVault significantly reduces this issue by transferring only changed blocks via thin replication.

4. Need to take more frequent backups.  SnapVault can be used in conjunction with local snapshots to acquire very frequent, low overhead (e.g. hourly) backups to minimize data loss of critical applications that have high data change rates (database & email).

Examples such as Thomson-Reuters which uses SnapVault with VMware as well as Swinton Insurance which uses OSSV across 400+ offices can be found in our success story library