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HA Cable Config - 3140C

Please could someone explain how the two controllers within the same chassis (3140) would be connected togther to provide a HA pair? - I have read in the "haconfig guide" that most systems with two controllers in the same chassis are connected via an internal interconnect, except the 31xx....


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FAS3140 controllers are connected via the backplane, indeed.

You are probably referring to back-end disk shelf cabling, called multipath HA (MP-HA), which provides increased resiliency when attaching DS14 shelves (e.g. a cable failure doesn't trigger unnecessary controller failover).

See attached picture (ignore interconnect cables, as they are replaced by backplane in 31x0)



Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

Defiantly the HA connection – Page 25 of the DOT8.0 7-Mode High Availability Configuration Guide – See below:

Note: In the case of systems with two controller modules in a single chassis (except the 31xx

systems), both nodes of the HA pair are located in the same chassis and have an internal


Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

This statement is definitely incorrect - don't ask me why.

Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

Ok, I will trust your knowledge...

Just out of curiosity, at what model level do the internal controllers need to be externally connected?

Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

Old 30x0 & 60x0 - but none of them has two controllers in a single chassis.

Have a look at this:

and then page 2 & the difference between 60x0 & 31x0 diagrams.

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Thanks - I dont have access to this part of NOW, what is the name of the document so I can try and get it else where?


Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

This is the diagram in question.

Re: HA Cable Config - 3140C

thanks, makes sence now.