HA Pair so use Shared or Standby Interfaces/VIF?


  Ok, this may sound like a stupid question but I have to ask it.  We have a FAS-2240, so far so good, in a HA Pair configuration.  If we configure Node-1 is the primary node and Node-2 is  fail-over system.  When we configure networking should we use Shared or Standby on both nodes or one? Based on my reading and experience we would configure Node 1 as Dedicated and Node-2 as Standby.  This way all networking information will flow from the failed primary node to the failover node.  Again based on my reading the Shared configuration would be more for Clustered configurations.  Are we on the right track?



Re: HA Pair so use Shared or Standby Interfaces/VIF?

Normally the 2240 HA pair will be in an "active-active" configuration.  I'm not sure what you are reading, but I would recommend that you read the following:

Configuration Examples for FAS2240 Systems -

Data Ontap 8.1 Software Setup Guide (7-mode) -

and for more in-depth info, read the following:

Data Ontap 8.1 Network Management Guide (7-mode) -

Data Ontap 8.1 System Administration Guide (7-mode) -   (or the appropriate one for your Ontap version)

The NetApp onsite engineer who comes in to install your hardware will normally configure the network interfaces for you if you supply them with the needed information (ip addresses, etc.)