Head Swap - FAS3020 to FAS2240..

Hi Folks,

I'm doing an upgrade from a FAS3020 (single controller), with DS14mkII shelves, to a FAS2240-2 with FC cards. The current FAS3020 shares out all of its shares via iSCSI (no CIFS, no NFS, no FC). Part of the upgrade includes swapping some ESH2's out for ESH4's - it can be done hot, but I'll do it during the maintenance.

I've reviewed DOC-12356 - the big checklist. I've also reviewed this page of howtos - there is no FAS3020 to FAS2240. The brief is for controller 1 to have it's aggr0/vol0 on the internal drives, and controller 2 to have its on one of the DS14mkII shelves (there is enough space to make a new 64bit aggr to hold a new vol0.

So normally, I'd get both of the controllers, old and new, to run the same Data ONTAP, upgrading the old one through recommended steps to convert config as appropriate, control-C the boot and make it boot off the other vol0. But the FAS3020 can't run anything past 7.3.7 (currently running 7.2.2), and the FAS2240 can't run anything older than 8.1.

So at this point, I'm thinking I'll backup the 3020's /etc (of course), setup the FAS2240 as new, using the internal disks for the vol0's and the old IPs of the 3020. Then, when that's stable, change ownership of the DS14mkII disks to controller 2, reboot, and then check all the iSCSI LUNs are still being exported (reserialing with DOC-2369 if needed),

then move controller 2's vol0 to the shelves, by creating a new_aggr0/new_vol0 on the shelves (as per this KB), ndmpcopy vol0 to it, "vol options new_vol0 root", and then do any cleanups -

.. does this sound right?

Re: Head Swap - FAS3020 to FAS2240..

Just to follow up - I moved ownership of all internal disks to controller 2, and all external to controller 1, then booted it.. and it all worked. Amazingly. Redid the ONTAP 8.1.1RC1 install onto controller 1's root volume, relicensed all the features (including adding CF), and tested with a few reboots, and it all went fine, so .. yay. Destroyed the redundant internal aggr0, and extended the one I was using, and it's all working now.

Re: Head Swap - FAS3020 to FAS2240..

Hi Alex,

I just wanted to follow up on your thread and make sure all is working as expected. If you need further assistance, please open a case with NetApp Support.