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Head Swap Question

I have a FAS2020 that is going to be swapped out for a FAS2040. The 2020 is going to be upgraded to 7.3.6 before the swap and the 2040 came with 8.0.1 on it. My question is that when I go to perform the head swap is trying to boot from 2020's vol0 thats on 7.3.6 feasible even though the 2040's flash is at 8.0.1? will I have to downgrade the 2040 first or can I boot from the 7.3.6 volt then upgrade to 8.0.1 so it matches the flash?

Any help would be grateful.

Note: I have already copied the volt to other disks so they are not the internal one on the 2020.


Re: Head Swap Question

Hello DVILLARDI, the Data ONTAP versions  that are released to FAS2020 7.2.7, 7..3.3 and 7.3.6
Therefore I recommend you download the flash card version to 7.3.6 of the flash card from FAS2040 And then swap and changes shelfs and controlling.
So you can load a booteable kernel image to the PC CompactFlash card outside the filer.


Re: Head Swap Question

the instructions you gave me say that only works with FAS980 and earlier

Re: Head Swap Question

Do you want 64bit aggregates?

Re: Head Swap Question

The easiest thing to do is netboot the 2040 to the same 7.3.6... then you can upgrade ONTAP to 8.0.x again and it will upgrade disk and flash.  So, head swap (all ports stay the same) then make sure to break the boot early in the process to the firmware to the loader prompt so you can ifconfig and netboot (tftp or http) the 7.3.6 image.  Then you can boot to maintenance mode to disk reassign, mailbox destroy local/partner, storage release disks (while one node is up at a time only), then halt, netboot again (careful not to let flash boot) then you come up on 7.3.6 then upgrade ontap again.  I would have some PS hours to bring someone in if you haven't done it before.  For those who have done many head swaps it is a fast and safe upgrade... but in this case if you miss the break of boot you could have a bad situation where ontap 8 boots and updates raid labels but the disks are still 7.3 and have hours of fixing with support on the phone.