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Help me understand vfiler dr a bit.

have a few questions about vfiler dr

1. Is there any way in the event that the primairy vfiler goes down the vfiler dr can automaticailly start up or is this a manual process

2. when the primairy filer that had the vfiler comes back online the vfiler on it starts and an ip address conflict is created because of this(both the primairy vfiler and the vfiler dr are online at that point). Is there any way to fence off the primairy vfiler after it fails and the vfiler dr is activated?

3. For syncing the data to the vfiler dr is there any special tricks to it or do you just adjust the snapmirro schedule?



Help me understand vfiler dr a bit.

1) no automated process... unless you have a script than can issue the "vfiler dr activate" command

2) There is a setenv no-vfiler-ips? true global setting that prevents IP connectivity for all vFilers...but not just one... but can be set from the loader prompt.  For individual vfilers you need to ifconfig down each interface used by the vfiler to not have a conflict.

3) correct... just use snapmirror.conf.  The default schedule is every 3 minute (0-59/3) but you can change on a per volume basis for each volume based on the RPO you need.