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Help needed to configure FAS 2020.

HI All,

I'm facing some issues to configure FAS2020.

    1) I have setup fas2020 with iscsi connections, mapped couple of volumes by creating seperate volumes other than vol0(which is root volume).

    but I created some LUNs on the root volume(vol0) and mapped them to my host. the console of fas2020 is reporting "the filesystem on vol0 is full". so I unmapped the lun and destroyed it, but the console of fas2020 is still reporting "the filesystem on vol0 is full".

    could someone please guide me how to clear space on vol0. 

  2) I was not able to access the fas2020 from "filerView" or "onCommand sysytem manager", when i give the fas2020 BMC ip at the browser its not connecting, eventhough the IP is pinging.

   I have enabled the "http" option at the fas2020.  please help me if I'm missing something to configure.

   3)How do i activate cluster filover between the controllers of fas2020?

Thanks in advance



Re: Help needed to configure FAS 2020.

Dear Ravi,

Please check the below :

For question 1:

     check the snapshots usning the command : "snap list vol0"

     I think by default the snapshot schedule is enabled and snapshots are created. Please delete the snapshots using teh command "snap delete vol0 Snap_name"

     The space will be freedup once the snapshots are deleted.

     Example of snapshot deleteion : snap delete vol0 nightly.0

                                                         snap delete vol0 nightly.1

                                                         snap delete vol0 hourly.4

                                                         snap delete vol0 hourly.3

                                                         snap delete vol0 hourly.2

                                                         snap delete vol0 hourly.1

                                                         snap delete vol0 hourly.0

For Question 2:

Always use the management IP for teh filerview and on command system manager. If you have not configured the management IP use the ip configured for the host name.

For Question 3 :

Check the cluster license. If you have the liocense and the license is not added use the license add command : "license add LIC_code".

Once the license is added on the both nodes of the cluster. use the cf command to enable the cluster. "cf enable".

To activate the cluster you need a rebbot of each node. Please plan the downtime accordingly.

Hope this helps.