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Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

Hi, I'm new with netapp and I just bought a FAS2050 storage.
I was searching through the online documentation but I didn't found how to configure the storage.
I connected on the lOlOl port the serial cable and connected it in the serial port of my computer, I try to connect to the storage using putty but in the console only fill with a lot of strange characters but I cannot send any commands or something.
Probably I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.
Does anybody know where I can found good documentation to start to configure the storage?
If anybody needs extra information to help me just ask me.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

First of all, let me get this out of the way - Please tell me you aren't putting a 2050 in production?  That's super old and is EOL.  Is this for your home?


Putty Serial Cable: Connect your laptop serial port to the NetApp console port.  Open Putty and put the tick mark on Serial, COM port may need to be adjusted form COM1.

Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

Yes.. I'm installing it in production, we are a small company and bought it as a refurbished equipment.


I already did what you said but instead of set me in a prompt to start to configure it, start to fill the console with strange characters and never stop till I close the session.


I don't know if somebody can help me with this although the storage be EOL.

Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't do you any good putting a 2050 in production.  It's used and old and doesn't even support the new code.  You were better off making a business case to mgmt on why you need new hardware.   



Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

How old is the 2050?? We bought like 5 years ago one 2040 and it was the lastes model that our seller had..

I have to use this 2050 because this is what we bought and I'm sure that our company can afford to buy a new storage Smiley Sad

Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

a 2050 is very old...  EOA May 2011 - It doesn't even support 8.x code.  Unfortunately you company has made a very poor decision.

Re: Help to configure NETApp FAS2050

We one too and i would like to test and learn from it. if anyone could help me step by step instructions on how to start using it.