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How about High Availability mode?

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Will Edge support cluster mode? Does edge have any automatic failover system in case the server hosting Edge fails?

Re: How about High Availability mode?

Hi John,

this is from Data Ontap Edge Sales and Technical FAQ (Jan2013)

Can I cluster Data ONTAP-v?

Answer: Data ONTAP-v cannot be clustered. Support for backup or replication to a clustered Data ONTAP system will be available in a future release of Data ONTAP Edge.

Is there a high-availability version of Data ONTAP-v?

Answer: Data ONTAP-v runs in a single VM. There are numerous methods to have data written to disk, but Data ONTAP-v does not provide a method of high availability at this time. If there is a hardware failure or a software/hypervisor failure, the system will shut down. When the system is shut down, the data will be on disk in a consistent state or, in the case of a hardware failure, the data will be in battery-backed cache awaiting a write to the drive when system power is returned. Both situations are protected against data corruption.