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How can I troubleshoot 'permission denied' during vol copy start?

I'm trying to do some volume copy operations (vol copy start -s <snap> src dst) but I'm getting a permission denied error.

I need to copy about forty volumes from filer A to filer B. When I login (ssh v2) to filer A and try the vol copy command (vol copy start -s <mysnapshot> srcvol filerB:dstvol) I get  'cannot init input, aborting'. If I run the command on filer B (vol copy start -s <mysnapshot> filerA:srcvol dstvol) I get a permission denied error. I've checked the hosts.equiv file which has the correct names for the two filers, entered correctly. ping and name resolution work fine. Both filers are running ONTAP 8.0.2p6 - a bit out of date I know. These filers have been up and running for a couple of years.

Anyone got any ideas for how to troubleshoot or resolve this? Google implies that hosts.equiv is the only setting that's relevant.



Re: How can I troubleshoot 'permission denied' during vol copy start?

Ignore me, I figured it out. Some numpty (not even me this time) must have edited the hosts.equiv file with notepad.exe or similar and had embedded CR/LF characters (ie Windows format) instead of UNIX compliant LF, so the Netapp couldn't parse the file. Quick edit in notepad++ and all is good with the world.