How find source IOPS from aggregate?


I have an aggregate doing around ~700-1000 IOPS. There is only one volume within it occupying all aggregate, but none IOPS.

I can't find what is generating these IOPS. This aggregate is working at ~60% busy.

The sis is disable on this volume.

No reallocate running.

There is a snapmirror relationship, but is idle.

Aggregate => 13 disks SATA 1TB, Raid DP.

Any ideas?

stats show -i 1 aggregate:aggr1:total_transfers

Instance total_transf


   aggr1          903

   aggr1         1001

   aggr1          975

   aggr1          905

   aggr1          940

   aggr1          810

   aggr1          886

   aggr1         1025

   aggr1         1102

   aggr1         1033

stats show -i 1 volume:volimg:total_ops

Instance total_ops


volimghsp         2

volimghsp        25

volimghsp         2

volimghsp         4

volimghsp        11

volimghsp         8

volimghsp         6


Re: How find source IOPS from aggregate?


Is this SnapMirror target by any chance? It may be doing so called deswizzling:



Re: How find source IOPS from aggregate?

I think you right.

There are wafl reclamation sessions running, but never terminates.

I killed it, but don't die. Maybe because my volume is very big, 8TB.

I will try to stop the snapmirror as soon possible to see if IOPS will down.