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How is your company approaching Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing creates some unique storage requirements in terms of elastic scaling, automation, data movement, multi-tenancy, space efficiency, virtualization support, network support and more. In the May issue of Tech OnTap, I wrote an article that shares how I think about the cloud.  I also lay out some of the unique storage requirements of cloud computing, discusses what you should be doing now and describe some of NetApp's support for cloud storage.

You can check out the article at:

I'd like to hear from you on what do you think about cloud computing? Or more specifically on whether your company is already taking steps to leverage cloud services or upgrading your data center to provide IT as a Service within your company? Do you have a list of candidate apps that you're considering moving to the cloud?


Re: How is your company approaching Cloud Computing?

Hi Jeff -- I found this exchange between Gary Garcia (NetApp) and Chris Kranz (Reseller)....interesting.


Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
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Re: How is your company approaching Cloud Computing?

Yesterday, VMware, Cisco and NetApp announced a joint secure multi-tenancy (SMT) solution. The proven, single architecture of these three companies is a great example of a Multi-tenant solution that I discussed in my paper on Storage in the Cloud. The  SMT solution includes a published Cisco Validated design and deployment guide.  You can find more on SMT at:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new capability.

Re: How is your company approaching Cloud Computing?

But yet, this same day, our Cisco SE told us that with regards to their VoIP solution that we currently use on physical boxes:

1.  Cisco supports virtualization (using ESX) but only on Cisco branded servers.

2.  Cisco supports SAN storage for their branded servers but the SAN enabled servers cost more that ones with internal storage.

I guess those 8 core Nahalem EX processors I was eyeing for a June purchase can't keep up with their software. 

So when the rubber hits the road, I don't put much credit in Cisco's press releases!

End of rant.

To answer your question, we have not yet found a business case for use to go to external clouds.  Since we already virtualize internally (technically I guess this is a 'Private Cloud') and have a DR solution for fail over (SnapMirror and VMs are quite beautiful when done properly) we can't justify the additional expense of a reseller who basically will sell us what we already have and charge us a fee to administer it.  If you were very small and relyed on external support, I guess it could make sense to avoid up front capitol costs, but not for us.

Re: How is your company approaching Cloud Computing?

My company is doing this:

And Netapp is at the heart of it.