How much time to run mbralign


I am looking for a ballpark number, how much time it takes to complete mbralin on a VM to fix file system misalignment

I know there are many variables like system load /system power etc, but in your experience how much time I can expect for a VM that is allocated 20GB disk space.

Also does this time also depend on the used size of the virtual disk.


How much time to run mbralign

Sorry, I depends...

If you have a snapmirror you could break the mirror and then run a test on the destination.

It has been a year plus since I last ran mbralign and would guess 30 minutes ish.  {FAS3070, FCP LUNs, 15k FCP disks and high system load}

Hope it helps


How much time to run mbralign

I have seen the same number as Brendon on FC disk.  On SATA I've seen a 40GB vmdk take 4 hours.

Word to the wise -- make sure you have the space on your LUN before you begin.  If the realign fills up your LUN, every VM on that LUN will be paused and waiting for an answer.  Don't forget to go back and delete the backup files created after a successful operation as well.