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How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

cifs setup was run on a filer that is not going to be used to serve cifs data.   I would like to remove cifs from the filer.  How do I go about removing cifs from a filer?




Re: How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

You should be able to accomplish this by stopping cifs ("cifs terminate") and removing the cifs license from the filer.

Re: How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

type in "cifs terminate"

then "license delete cifs"

Make sure you clean up AD

How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

I think both of you are correct.  Thanks for your responses.  I had the opportunity to bounce this off of a NetApp Professional Services Consultant and he said the same thing.   The catch is that we want to remove CIFS from the phyiscal filer (vfiler0) but allow CIFS to continue running on a (non-vfiler0) virtual filer.  I am assuming removing the CIFS license would kill CIFS on the non-vfiler0 vfilers.   Any thoughts you have on that would be appreciated.



Re: How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

In that case, stop CIFS on the physical filer but keep it licensed.

To allow CIFS, NFS, FTP, or HTTP on a vFiler unit, each of the protocols must have an active

license on the hosting storage system.

Re: How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

Thanks for the response!   Sounds like cifs terminate, period, is our best option at this point until we have a chance to move the vfilers.  Thanks for again for the info.

Re: How to Remove CIFS from a Filer?

But it will be started again after reboot. I wish there was “cifs unsetup” or similar. I am too interested in how to return filer to “CIFS uninitialized” state.

I guess removing all files /etc/cifs* should do the trick, but there may be some registry entries left over.



OK, I had chance to capture config before and after CIFS setup. In case someone is interested, here is the list (from "config diff"):











Removing /etc/cifsconfig_setup.cfg effectively returned CIFS to unconfigured state.

simsim> priv set advanced

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use

         them only when directed to do so by NetApp


simsim*> mv /etc/cifsconfig_setup.cfg /etc/cifsconfig_setup.cfg_

simsim*> priv set

simsim> cifs restart

CIFS not configured.  Use "cifs setup" to configure