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How to add LUN in Netapp ?

Could someone please assit me to add LUN in Netapp and how to use Netapp filer as SAN Storage

possible pls share supporting documenets or guides




Re: How to add LUN in Netapp ?

on the filer prompt issue:

filer> lun setup

and answer all the questions asked with the type of LUN you want/need.

Then do the things on the host to attach the LUN.

Recommended reading:

And if you want to have it the NetApp way = easy, then use SnapDrive

Re: How to add LUN in Netapp ?

Thanks a lot  Peter,

I worked on Netapp as NAS but new to SAN,  above link is very usefull.

please share if you have any docs,



Re: How to add LUN in Netapp ?

Hi Vijay,

Depends on your environment, if its Windows based though…I would recommend you use SnapDrive to manage your LUN environment as opposed to doing all this from the filer prompts.

Snapdrive will help with things like lun alignment and snapshot management…