How to backup Hyper-V R2 VMs with FAS2020

Hello everybody,

I am new in netapp communities, and have somes questions about backuping fas2020.

So, for a customer, i have an Hyper-V R2 CSV cluster environnement, with about 10 VMs (1 Exchange, 1 domain controller, 1 Oracle Server 9.2, 1 files server, and few servers for business applications).

So i am designing the solution, and ask a question for backuping this environment.

Idea is to have, one FAS2020 with 12x300Go SAS RAID DP, as a primary, and have a FAS2020 with 8x500Go SATA RAID DP, as secondary (just for backup).

The best think to do is using SnapVault, for backup primary on secondary FAS2020 no ?

Using SnapManager for Hyper-V, SnapManager for Exchange and SnapManager for Oracle, could be useful in my case ?

So my customer, want to have in option, a backup into tape.

How will you do to backup the secondary FAS2020 in Tape system (like HP LTO4 library).

Thanks a lot for your advises

Re: How to backup Hyper-V R2 VMs with FAS2020


You could use SnapMAnager for Hyper-V for VM backups. And SME,SMSQL etc for application level backups within the VM. WE have an SMHV customer who is using the following steps for moving snapshots to tape. Please take a look at this conversation



Re: How to backup Hyper-V R2 VMs with FAS2020

Thanks a lot for answer.

So if i understand.

SnapManager For Hyper-V will permit me to backup my VM directly to my backup server.

So on this backup server, i need to have a backup application installed, or SnapManager permit me to backup directly on tape or on drive ?

And question for my files server.

Files server will attack FAS2020 directly in iscsi LUN dedicated for files server.

How can i backup this file server ? Snap Vault ?