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How to backup volumes to tape, possibly via Commvault Simpana

We've got a pair of FAS2050s, one live and one at a DR site. The DR one has the volumes from live snapmirrored across from there.

We keep some snapshots - 24 hourly, 7 nightly, 3 weekly at the moment.

While the primary backup is the DR FAS2050, we'd like to also take backups to tape.

Now, one of the bad things about the FAS2050 is the lack of connectivity. Plug in some external disk and run some FC client computers and you can't attach a tape drive - no spare slots. Which means we need to backup over ethernet.

We've got Commvault Simpana doing backup duties elsewhere in the department, so we thought we'd give it a go for our tape backup. Theoretically this is all very well - it talks to our DR filer, and takes copies of volumes to tape.

Unfortunately it's not doing a copy of the entire volume, only the current state. We'd like to be able to have that snapshot history dumped to tape.

What our our options?




Re: How to backup volumes to tape, possibly via Commvault Simpana

Hi Clive,

You could perform Remote NDMP to accomplish this.

In a remote NDMP setup the tape device would be connected to the Media server (Simpana server).

You can then configure the FAS system as NAS client.

You have different levels of backup supported by Simpana in 7 -Mode:

1. Full Volume

2. QTree Level

3. Individual Snapshots

Please let me know if you have any further queries.


Venkat K