How to delete a file (pseudo LUN) in a directory in a flexvol ?

I wanted to move a LUN from one volume to another volume within the same FAS3140MC controller.

I don't have SnapMirror license. So I used the "ndmpcopy" command like this :

          ndmpcopy /vol/vol_source/qt1/lun_x   /vol/vol_target/qt1/lun_y

With this command, the source LUN has been copied but in an incorrect location ...

The destination LUN is in a subdirectory named "lun_y". Its name is the original name "lun_x" ("/vol/vol_target/qt1/lun_y/lun_x") and "lun_x" is not considered a LUN but a simple file ("lun show -l vol_target" returns nothing).

The name of the target LUN has not been properly understood and has been interpreted as a path subdirectory rather than a new name.

So I find myself in the following situation : destination file is not considered as a LUN file but as a simple file.

Is there a way to correct this situation, for example moving the file from "/vol/vol_target/qt1/lun_y" to "/vol/vol_target/qt1" ?

How to make the copied file is again considered a LUN ? Is there a way to do that ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: How to delete a file (pseudo LUN) in a directory in a flexvol ?

Sorry to read you're having difficulties. This should be a simple operation using System Manager.  If you don't already have it, it's a free download from the NetApp Support Download page.   Re: your current situation, the Storage Management Guide should have info on Moves and Deleting volumes/LUNS.    If all of that still doesn't help, I'd suggest opening a Support ticket so they can walk you back through this,without causing any new problems.