How to display AT-FCX shelves?

I just found that neither of storage show shelf or storage show hub would display SATA shelves. What is the right way to see them?

On related note - is it possible to deduce from command output whether specific initiator port is connected to IN or OUT and to which shelf?

Thank you!

Re: How to display AT-FCX shelves?

environ shelf should show all the output for in/out and module.  sysconfig -a to see the at-fcx

Re: How to display AT-FCX shelves?

You can use a few different commmands to view the output you are looking for.

environment status shelf  | more

This will display all the information of the shelves connected to the filer.

You can further the command by specifying the actual shelf Id for example if it is 4b

environment status shelf  4b | more

Pipe it so the text does not run off the screen.

You can also use the Sysconfig -a option as well.

LAst but not least, if your system is configured with this file, you can view it for the data you need.

rdfile /etc/environment.

I hope this helps.