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How to enable FlexClone

We are considering purchasing a flexclone license to bring up a test site, but will need to use it very quickly for it to be worth it for us. 

Is enabling FlexClone as easy as installing a license, and then all the commands are ready to go immediately?  Or is there some sort of implementation process of converting volumes to a flexclone-able format, etc.?

Re: How to enable FlexClone

Install the license.

Then use vol clone create.

It is already there.

Re: How to enable FlexClone

Yea, this was very easy to implement:  "license add [license#]" - done.

Since we are using this on a disaster recovery/development environment, I am going to be cloning SnapMirror destination volumes.  It appears that FlexClone attempts to create a snapshot, if one is not specified, when creating the cloned volume.  This is a great feature, but just keep in mind that you cannot create new snapshots directly on the (read-only) destination volumes.  So you have to have already created a snapshot and replicated it over to the volume, and then specify the snapshot when cloning the LUN.  Just a little tidbit, if anyone is interested.